Real Estate World Shocked!!! Fair Square Finished.

What Happened to Fair Square? – Our Thoughts.


The real estate industry was stunned by the sudden closure of Fair Square, previously known as Purple Bricks. Despite the current market conditions featuring record-high commissions and an abundance of listings, Fair Square’s demise has left many wondering what led to their downfall.

Although we can only speculate on the specific reasons, we believe that Fair Square’s inability to provide a top-tier, full-service experience to their clients ultimately contributed to their failure. While their prices were more competitive, the level of service they offered fell short of expectations, indicating that consumers still value the personalized touch of full service real estate services.

At New Era Real Estate, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of full-service real estate while simultaneously saving homeowners thousands in commission fees. Rather than adhering to archaic industry norms, we strive to blend the traditional with innovation to create a unique offering that prioritizes client satisfaction above all else.

As a service industry, real estate should always prioritize the needs of the consumer as a home is typically their largest most valuable asset. Unfortunately, the current system tends to favour the agents and industry, rather than those who are selling a home. Our flat listing fee of only $5,900 for full-service real estate managing the selling process.  Additionally, there are no lengthy contracts and no cooperating commission on the buyer side of the transaction if your home is sold to an unrepresented buyer exemplifies our commitment to putting the needs of our clients first.

Real estate lawyers are paid a fixed fee when closing a transaction, regardless of the price of the home. In the same vein, real estate agents should be compensated fairly for their work, without excessive commissions that rise alongside increasing home prices. After all, the job of a real estate agent has remained relatively unchanged over the years, if not has become easier with technological advancements. Since agents nor the industry is responsible for the price increases it is only reasonable to adjust their compensation accordingly. While Fair Square and others seem to suggest their demise is a down turning market New Era thrives as its now even more important to save while selling.

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