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New Era Real Estate provides full service handling everything involved with listing and selling a home but only charges a simple flat fee. Contact us anytime for your free no obligation listing appointment.

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At New Era Real Estate, we align our interests with our clients by only charging a fair flat fee after a successful sale and closing. Plus, we don’t impose minimum contract terms giving you the flexibility to terminate our services at any time without any fees or penalties. Our full-service approach includes listing on MLS and, ensuring a smooth transaction and protecting our clients’ interests.

  • Personalized Portal
  • Feedback
  • A Full Licensed & dedicated realtor Specializing in your Area
  • Negotiations
  • Comparative Market Analysis & Evaluation
  • Paperwork
  • Property Preparation
  • Deposit
  • Professional Photography and Feature Detailing
  • Waivers
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Contacts
  • Appointment Scheduling And Bookings
  • On Call 24/7

Personalized Portal

Our state-of-the-art platform provides our clients with unparalleled access to all aspects of the home selling process, including market comparables, showing feedback, scheduling, and direct communication with their dedicated real estate agent. With real-time updates and 24/7 availability, our clients are always informed and in control, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience.

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Our proprietary system offers unparalleled transparency by providing our clients with real-time access to all feedback from buyers and agents regarding their property. This information, available through a secure, private portal, empowers our clients to stay informed and up-to-date on the public perception of their home, enabling them to make informed decisions throughout the selling process.

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A Full Licensed & dedicated realtor Specializing in your Area

Our team of seasoned agents and brokers are dedicated to providing exceptional service and unwavering support to our clients. They are available around the clock, dedicated to answering any and all questions, and handling every detail of the sale from beginning to end. Each client is assigned an agent specialist for their area, an agent who will be the main point of contact throughout the process, providing peace of mind and ensuring a stress-free experience. Our agents are available 24/7, guaranteeing that our clients have access to the support they need, whenever they need it.

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Our team of experienced agents and brokers are committed to negotiating on your behalf, handling the extensive back-and-forth communication with buyers and their agents to secure the best possible price for your property and favourable terms for the purchase agreement. We are tenacious in our approach, leaving no stone unturned and utilizing our expertise to ensure that our clients receive everything they desire. We take great pleasure in this aspect of the process and strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

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Comparative Market Analysis & Evaluation

Our agents conducts thorough research and analysis, providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the market and pricing information for their home. This includes an examination of comparable properties and neighbourhood statistics and trends, enabling our clients to make informed decisions regarding their list price. We guide our clients through the process, presenting them with the best strategy for selling their property, and ensuring they have the confidence and knowledge to make the right decisions at the right time.

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We take a meticulous approach to ensuring that our clients fully understand the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement, from the initial drafting to the final signature. Our team reviews and explains all documentation to confirm that it is properly filled out, legally compliant, and in accordance with industry standards. This process guarantees that all signed documentation is available to our clients via their secure, private portal for future reference.

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Property Preparation

Ensuring that your home makes a favourable first impression on potential buyers is crucial in securing a successful sale. Our team of experienced agents have honed their expertise over the years in order to effectively showcase your property and secure the best possible price. Your listing agent will conduct a thorough examination of your home and inform you what's needed before photos and showings begin.

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New Era Real Estate makes sure the deposit is delivered on time and in full where it is then held in our trust account to make sure its secure until closing.

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Professional Photography and Feature Detailing

Our team of skilled photographers & marketers will meticulously document the prominent features of your home, creating a comprehensive report designed to make a lasting, positive impression on potential buyers. We understand that the emotional response a property evokes is crucial to its success, and we are committed to ensuring that your home is presented in the best possible light, at no additional expense to you.

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At New Era Real Estate, we diligently work to ensure that all necessary conditions have been fully satisfied and waived by the buyer, proactively addressing any questions, concerns, or potential abatements that may arise. Once these conditions have been waived, the sale of your home is considered secure, however, we remain dedicated to ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction until the closing date is reached.

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Advertising & Marketing

Upon listing your property, we will initiate a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses direct mail, email, websites and social media campaigns targeted at a diverse audience, including clients, agents, investors, homeowners, and potential buyers. Our objective is to ensure that everyone with an interest in purchasing a property is aware of your home. We will arrange presentations for agents and potential buyers, leverage print media to promote the property, and advertise your home everyday until it is sold.

Our goal is to ensure that all buyers are fully informed and have a clear understanding of the property's features and benefits.

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New Era Real Estate offers a range of services to assist with the purchase or sale of a property. They provide clients with contacts for various professionals, including lawyers, mortgage brokers, movers, etc to ensure that the closing process goes smoothly. These contacts are made available to clients through a personalized portal.

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Appointment Scheduling And Bookings

Prior to scheduling any showing appointments, we take the necessary steps to ensure that prospective buyers have been thoroughly qualified, and that they are in compliance with our established protocols related to COVID-19. Additionally, we strive to schedule appointments at a time that is most convenient for you.

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On Call 24/7

Your dedicated agent, as well as the entire New Era Real Estate team, will be available to you throughout the entire property transaction process. We will provide comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that all aspects of the process are handled efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to deliver the high-quality, full-service experience you expect, at a price point that is tailored to your needs.

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