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New Era Real Estate provides full service handling everything involved with listing and selling a home but only charges a simple flat fee. Contact us anytime for your free no obligation listing appointment.

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Unlike other real estate brokerages, at New Era Real Estate, you do not pay a cent until your property is sold and the deal has closed! No Minimum Contract either, free to cancel at any time without fees or penalties. Others will charge you upfront leaving no incentive to work and sell your home while locking you into a lengthy contract. New Era Real Estate provides full-service which includes MLS and make sure the job is successfully completed before you pay anything.

  • Personalized Portal
  • Feedback
  • A Full Licensed & dedicated realtor Specializing in your Area
  • Negotiations
  • Comparative Market Analysis & Evaluation
  • Paperwork
  • Property Preparation
  • Deposit
  • Professional Photography and Feature Detailing
  • Waivers
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Contacts
  • Appointment Scheduling And Bookings
  • On Call 24/7

Personalized Portal

This is where you gain access to everything regarding your home, from comparable properties, showing feedback, scheduling, messaging and much, much more. This will keep you informed in real time while still having 24/7 access to your real estate agent.

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Any and all feedback will be available in your private portal giving you real-time buyer and agent thoughts and feelings regarding your property. You will be informed and up to date allowing you to know exactly how the public feels about your home.

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A Full Licensed & dedicated realtor Specializing in your Area

All of our agents/brokers are experienced and work around the clock for you. They are available to answer any and all questions you may have and handle EVERY detail of the sale from start to finish. You receive an agent who is your point of contact throughout the process. You do not have to lift a finger. Your agent will be available 24/7.

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We deal with the hours of back and forth communication with the buyer and buyer’s agent to secure you the best price and make sure you are happy with the terms of the purchase agreement. We will fight tooth and nail to get you everything you want. We love this part!

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Comparative Market Analysis & Evaluation

We handle all research and analysis, providing you with all the pricing information for your home so you can make an informed decision. We will walk you through all the comparable properties and neighbourhood statistics and trends so you can feel confident in your list price. At this time we will present you with the best strategy for selling.

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From beginning to end we make sure you understand all the terms and conditions in the agreement, while confirming everything is properly filled out and completed legally. Everything signed will be made available in your portal.

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Property Preparation

Getting your home ready to make a great first impression on potential buyers. These are all the secrets and tips our experienced agents have learned throughout the years helping your property obtain the best possible price. Our listing team will do a walkthrough with you and make sure your home looks it’s best.

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New Era Real Estate makes sure the deposit is delivered on time and in full where it is then held in our trust account to make sure its secure until closing.

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Professional Photography and Feature Detailing

We bring in our team of photographers and prepare detailed reports on all the amazing features of your home to make sure your property has a great first impression. People remember how a property made them feel and we want to make sure your home shines. Everything is handled by us at no additional cost.

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New Era Real Estate ensures all conditions have been met and waived by the buyer while dealing with any and all questions, concerns or possible abatements that might arise. Once these conditions have been waived the sale of your home is firm but we continue working until the closing date.

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Advertising & Marketing

We immediately launch our direct mail, email and social media campaigns which include clients, agents, investors, homeowners, and buyers. Anyone and everyone interested in buying will know about your home. We set up presentations for agents and potential buyers, market through print avenues and advertise your home everyday until sold.

Each buyer will be presented with the property details. We include much more which we will detail when we meet you.

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New Era Real Estate provides you with all the contacts you may need, lawyers, mortgage brokers and movers etc ensuring the closing of your property goes off without a hitch. These will be available in your personalized portal.

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Appointment Scheduling And Bookings

For all showing appointments, we make sure to qualify the buyers beforehand, make sure they’re cleared with our Covid protocol and schedule only when convenient for you.

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On Call 24/7

Your agent along with our entire company is available to you throughout the entire process. We will take care of everything from beginning to end, providing the full-service you expect at the price you want!

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