About New Era Real Estate

“We built this company for the seller, focused on service and not commission”

New Era Real Estate is a full-service real restate brokerage firm operating throughout Ontario. We are different from many other brokerages in that we handle everything involved with listing and selling your home but instead of charging the regular 2.5%, we handle everything for a simple flat fee of only $5,900. Better yet, nothing is paid until the property is sold and the deal closes!

New Era Real

The typical full-service real estate brokerage’s commission for selling a home being from 2.5% to 5%, you need to protect yourself and your wallet. With the average price of a home being around 1.1 million dollars that’s already $27,500. With New Era Real Estate, you keep more money in your pocket to spend on more important things while still receiving that full-service you want.

“We at New Era Real Estate felt people were wanting a change, as there were really only two options for selling your home,” says John Martino, New Era Real Estate’s founder. “One is selling privately, which lets everything fall on the homeowner. The second is the traditional approach: full-service at the full-service price. We wanted to provide owners with something different—the full-service they want but, more importantly, at the price they want as well. Home prices have skyrocketed, which means so have commissions, and that extra commission comes out of your pocket simply because demand drove the price up, not the real estate agent. That’s not fair. We simply want to bring the focus back to the client as opposed to the commission.”