New Era Real Estate provides that familiar full-service real estate just like the traditional style brokerage but instead of the commonplace 2.5% and handle everything for a simple flat fee of $5,900. Better yet nothing gets paid until the property is sold and the deal closes. We guarantee to take care of everything you the seller needs!

  1. There are no lengthy contract commitments.
  2. If we sell both sides (buyer not represented by agent) we waive the cooperating fee (not mandatory).
  3. We have a personalized portal for all clients giving you access to everything we see.
  4. Unbeatable simple fair flat fee of only $5,900
  5. Free to cancel anytime without fees or penalties

Before New Era there were really only 2 extremes:

#1 List with a private selling platform where you pay upfront leaving no incentive for them to actually sell your home. Being left to your own devices only to find yourself struggling to attract fresh buyers to your property, handle all marketing/advertising, showings, buyer qualification, negotiation, paperwork, closing conditions, lawyers and the list goes on. Most homeowners get fed up and end up listing with a full-service brokerage.

#2 List with a traditional full-service brokerage where hopefully all your needs are met, everything is handled properly and by the book. With a traditional brokerage full service comes with a full-service price, money that can be better saved for the future or even used as a down payment for that investment property you always wanted.

New Era provides homeowners with a new option as we feel the industry needed to change, something designed with the seller in mind focused on service instead of commission.

At New Era Real Estate, we take a different approach to real estate. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients, rather than chasing commission. Our goal is to provide a level of service that exceeds expectations, resulting in satisfied clients who save thousands on commission who are more likely to refer us to their friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and we rely on it heavily to grow our business. We understand that when we provide exceptional service, our clients will be more likely to recommend us, and this is the greatest reward for us. Additionally, we hope when we save you thousands, you will allow us to represent you on your next purchase, though it's not mandatory. Our approach is about building trust and loyalty with our clients, and we believe this is the key to success in the real estate industry.

You will be paired with a specialized agent who is an expert in your specific area. At New Era Real Estate, our agents work on salary, ensuring that our entire team is fully invested in getting your home sold for the highest price possible. And if you ever feel the need, you have the freedom to switch to another agent at any time. Contact us at info@newerarealestate.ca to get started.

In today's digital age, the process of selling a home has become increasingly streamlined with the advent of the internet and various resources. However, despite this advancement, the commission rates have remained unchanged, with many real estate agents still charging 2.5% - 5% of the sale price. This is problematic, as the commission rate was acceptable when the average home price was around $300,000, but as home prices have risen, so too has the commission, creating an imbalance in the value of service provided. Our goal is to bring fairness back to the industry by shifting the focus from commission to providing exceptional service to our clients, regardless of the price of their home.

At New Era Real Estate, we ensure maximum exposure for every property we list by placing it on a wide range of real estate websites, including the MLS, realtor.ca and social media platforms.

At New Era Real Estate, we pride ourselves on not only our extensive advertising efforts, but also our strong emphasis on word-of-mouth referrals. We believe that by providing exceptional service to our clients, they will be more likely to recommend us to their network. This not only rewards us with new business, but also allows us to build long-term relationships with our clients. We believe in fostering meaningful connections with our clients.

At our company, we are proud to have a team of highly qualified agents and brokers who are fully licensed and have extensive experience in the industry. We also specialize in specific areas, ensuring that our clients have access to specialized expertise for their real estate needs.

This is completely up to you, the homeowner. We suggest you do offer the standard commission in your city, this is to create an incentive for all the buyer agents in your area to bring their clients to your home. This will get more buyers interested in the hopes of driving up the price. Their fee is paid upon closing. If however, we receive a call from someone who isn’t an existing client who saw your home through our advertising and marketing efforts and would like to make an offer we completely waive the cooperating commission for our sellers, leaving only the simple $5,900 flat fee. Even according to the real estate council of Ontario (RECO) cooperation from agents tends to be an issue which is one of the reasons why we suggest offering the cooperating commission.

Yes, the flat fee encompasses all facets of service, including marketing and advertising efforts. Our brokerage offers a comprehensive range of services, as one would expect from a full-service provider.

We only charge a fee when your property is sold and the deal is closed, which means you pay nothing until you get the result you want. This performance-based approach ensures that our interests are aligned with yours and we only get paid when you are satisfied with the outcome.