Marketing & Advertise!

Time to get buyers interested… These days 95% of home buyers start their search online and that’s why a large chunk of our real estate marketing is focused on flooding the major social media networks and real estate websites. Your property is immediately uploaded to, our YouTube channel and we launch our direct email campaign making thousands of not only local but overseas buyers aware of your property. We also launch a direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, host presentations on your property to buyers and agents and much more. Safe to say everyone will be made aware of your property. Your property is advertised every single day until it is sold!

Our interactive website allows us to keep potential buyers on our site longer where your home will be prominently featured, it’s extremely user friendly and provides all the information one would need regarding the real estate process. We allow anyone visiting our site to share your listing with a friend, creating a larger network of buyers.

Our marketing strategies offer a more intimate approach to selling real estate, which provides maximum exposure for our client’s homes, we will walk you through our strategy and answer any questions you may have.