Making an Offer

You have fallen in love and would like to make an offer. We will draw up all the necessary documents and explain to you all the aspects of the offer that you can include or drop to help your chances of the offer being accepted. Besides price which is usually the most important there are other factors that can affect whether or not the offer is accepted, these are the conditions.

To name a few you can make your offer conditional on obtaining financing, an inspection and having your lawyer review the status certificate (if buying a condo) etc.
Your offer may be the only one or their could be multiple offers in which case there are a few things you can do to make you offer more attractive which we will walk you through. The seller will have 3 options when presented with an offer:

  1. The seller can accept the offer as is.
  2. The seller can reject the offer.
  3. The seller can counter the offer.

Most common is the third choice and this is where years of negotiating experience takes centre stage. Our experienced real estate agents will go back and forth with the seller’s agent until you are comfortable with the price and the other terms of the agreement of purchase and sale.