Sold for 3 million and over $69,000 in savings.

Burlington house sells for $3 million, saving seller $69,100 in commission

Seller Saves Over $66,000 in Commission!

Mississauga house sells for $500,000 over asking, seller saves $66,100 in commission

Homeowner Saves Over $64,000 for their Dream Home

Homeowner saves over $64,000 for their dream home

Homeowner Saves over $25,000 in Commission Fees after Selling Home with New Era

Homeowner saves over $25,000 in commission fees after selling her home with local real estate brokerage in one day

Why We Do, What We Do – Solution to an Outdated Industy

New Era Real Estate – Why We Do, What We Do


We get asked often why we only charge $5,900 when we can charge a lot more. Simply put, it doesn’t cost 2.5% to sell a home, answer this, why when the average price was significantly lower than today’s $1,100,000 realtors were able to sell the property and were more than happy to receive their 2.5% but now that prices have skyrocketed they believe their commission should too? Does that make sense? Even though agents are not responsible for the increase in home prices. Why should their commission be tied to the sale price? The job hasn’t changed, it’s the same as it was in previous years and with advancements in modern technology property exposure is greater than ever before.

We simply want to correct an outdated industry and offer our clients a fair flat fee, not a discounted fee for the same full-service homeowners expect and want. Our track record and reviews speak for themselves. Initially people feel we are too good to be true which is fair given the years of deception within the industry but quickly realize after we sell their home and save them thousands that spending a small fortune on commission is ridiculous.

Be cautious when interviewing agents who are quick to lower their commission only after you state New Era will sell your home for $5,900 flat. Ask yourself why only when there is competition from New Era Real Estate do agents jump to reducing their commission? If they can successfully get the job done for a more fair commission should they not offer you that from the start? And why when a buyer contacts the listing agent to see a home directly the agent feels they deserve the buying commission on top of what they are already making? As such New Era Real Estate believes that the buying commission should be removed for the seller saving them even more! Which is why when New Era sells your home to someone without an agent they do just that, remove the buying commission.

We love helping our sellers’ gain more financial freedom to spend their hard earned money on more important things in life besides an agent’s commission. Tens of thousands of dollars go a very long way when planning for the next stage in life. Maybe it’s to help with the downpayment of your next home, maybe your kids post secondary schooling, maybe for that trip you always wanted to take but life got in the way. Whatever it is we are here to help make it a reality.

At New Era Real Estate our goal is to put our clients before commission, a brokerage built for the homeowner, focused on service and not commission. We are fully dedicated to saving homeowners thousands with emphasis on transparency and honesty. #wesellyousave

This Real Estate Brokerage Offers All the Positive Aspects of the Industry without the Negative

This real estate brokerage offers all the positive aspects of the industry without the negative

New Era Real Estate offering massive savings when selling

New Era Real Estate offering massive savings when selling

$1 Million house, one flat commission fee in Mississauga

$1 million house, one flat commission fee in Mississauga

Feeling uncertain? Save thousands when selling your home with New Era Real Estate

With all the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, every penny matters. That’s why New Era Real Estate — servicing much of Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Orangeville, Hamilton, Niagara, Guelph, Georgetown, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Durham, and York — charges a flat commission fee of only $5,900 (instead of the standard 2.5% commission).

With so many businesses having closed down, high unemployment, and the province recently extending its Ontario-wide stay-at-home order, it’s never been clearer just how unpredictable the COVID-19 situation is.

The stress of the pandemic is impacting all of us, and it’s even harder for those who are trying to sell their homes during the pandemic — especially since the home-selling process can already be very stressful on its own. That’s why New Era Real Estate aims to take the stress, as well as the cost, out of the process.

Here’s how much you could save, based on the price of your home:

That’s money that can be put into savings, college funds for the kids, or towards a new property!

It doesn’t cost 2.5% to sell a property, and as home prices increased, the commissions did too. We simply want to offer that full service people want at a fair price,” said founder John Martino.

On top of the lower commission fees, clients don’t pay a cent until the sale is done — and they aren’t locked into a contract, meaning they’re free to cancel anytime without any fees or penalties. More information is available at their website.

Wondering what’s included in their service?

New Era handles every aspect of the home-selling process including marketing, advertising, photography, showings, negotiation and more.

All New Era’s agents and brokers are fully licensed, have years of experience, and are paired up with sellers based on the city/area they specialize in to provide the best service possible.

We simply wanted to build a company with the homeowner in mind, providing all of the positive aspects of the industry while removing the negative,” said Martino.

If your livelihood has been at risk due to the pandemic, then selling with New Era Real Estate could be just what you need to guarantee your financial security.

You can book a free, no obligation listing appointment by visiting, calling 416-508-9929, or emailing

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New Era Real Estate — We Sell, You Save!

Why this real estate brokerage has ditched commission fees

New Era Real Estate Toronto

Why this real estate brokerage has ditched commission fees

TRNTO X New Era Real Estate

A real estate brokerage in Ontario is changing the way people approach selling and buying. New Era Real Estate has ditched commission-based sales for one simple rate that saves people thousands of dollars. They are a full-service brokerage handling all aspects of selling and everything in-between.

“We provide full-service handling everything involved with listing and selling a home but instead of charging the regular 2.5%, we take care of everything for a simple fee of only $5,900,” explains John Martino, founder of New Era Real Estate. “Better yet nothing is paid until the property is sold and the deal closes.”

If you’re looking to buy or sell, New Era Real Estate makes the process simple by “taking the focus off commission and placing it solely on client satisfaction,” Martino says. “We provide people with the service they want but more importantly at the price they want.”

Instead of charging people the usual commission fees, New Era Real Estate makes the process simple with a flat fee that’s more than reasonable for most while also placing buyers in a more favourable position when it comes to reaching that dream home price.

“Prices have skyrocketed, and so have commissions even though the job, for the most part, has stayed the same, and we want to give people the service they want at a price that’s fair,” Martino says.

For example, New Era recently helped a family save $65,000 in commission fees.

We worked with sellers that wanted to purchase property that was slightly out of rangeWe listed and sold their housesaving them $30,000 in commissiongiving them the boost they needed to buy the exact home they wanted,” Martino saysWe then were able to get rid of the cooperating commission since the buyer was unrepresentedsaving them an additional $35,000 in commission – they were very happy.”



Moving away from the traditional way of purchasing or selling a home can be anxiety-provoking for some, but it’s quickly becoming the best way to save money while going through the real estate process.

In addition to commission fees, some homeowners may find themselves paying extra for photography and marketing. With a flat-fee brokerage option, all of those fees go out the window. New Era Real Estate does not charge any fees until a sale is complete, and clients aren’t locked into a contract allowing people to opt-out at any time.

“By saving our clients thousands, they gain the freedom to spend that hard-earned money on something more important, maybe their next house, kids’ education or a family trip,” Martino says. “The best part is providing clients with even more financial freedom.”

New Era Real Estate is an Ontario-based company with its flagship office in Toronto. You can find more details about New Era Real Estate on the company’s website.