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Spring Real Estate Market in Ontario: Insights for Buyers and Sellers

As the spring season approaches in Ontario, the real estate market is gearing up for an influx of activity, with both buyers and sellers eager to make their next move. However, the stability of the market is threatened by the unpredictable fluctuations of interest rates, which can have a significant impact on the market and its participants.

The Impact of Interest Rates on Buyers and Sellers

The Bank of Canada sets the benchmark for interest rates, which directly affects mortgage rates. When interest rates increase, the cost of borrowing becomes more expensive, making it more challenging for potential buyers to secure a home. As a result, the real estate market may experience a slowdown, as buyers may become more cautious about entering the market due to the additional financial burden of elevated interest rates.

On the other hand, higher interest rates can also pose a formidable challenge for sellers. As the number of buyers decreases, competition among sellers intensifies, leading to a decline in demand for homes and a drop in home prices. This creates a less favorable market for sellers, who may struggle to sell their homes promptly and at their desired prices.

It is essential to understand that interest rates are only one of several factors that can impact the real estate market. Other significant contributors include economic conditions, employment rates, and consumer confidence.

Selling Tips for Potential Sellers in Ontario

If you’re a potential seller in the spring real estate market in Ontario, Canada, there are several steps you can take to prepare your property for sale and make it stand out in a crowded market. Here are some tips to help you sell your property successfully:

  1. Work with a Real Estate Agent: Real estate agents have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the complex process of selling a property. They can help you set a fair price, stage your property, market it effectively, and negotiate with potential buyers.
  2. Price Your Property Competitively: Pricing your property correctly is crucial to selling it quickly and at the best possible price. Your New Era Real Estate agent can help you determine a list price based on market trends, comparable properties, and other factors. Although the list price is always up to our clients as it is your home.
  3. Prepare Your Property for Sale: Before putting your property on the market, make sure it’s clean, decluttered, and in good condition. You want to showcase your property’s best features and create a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers.
  4. Maximize Your Property’s Curb Appeal: First impressions are important, so make sure your property’s exterior is well-maintained and visually appealing. This includes landscaping, cleaning up any debris or clutter, and repainting or repairing any damaged areas.


As the spring real estate market in Ontario, Canada approaches, it’s crucial to understand the impact of interest rates and other market factors on both buyers and sellers. New Era Real Estate is here to help guide you through the process, with expert insights and valuable guidance to help you make informed decisions about your real estate endeavors. For more information, please visit our FAQs page.



Real Estate World Shocked!!! Fair Square Finished.

What Happened to Fair Square? – Our Thoughts.


The real estate industry was stunned by the sudden closure of Fair Square, previously known as Purple Bricks. Despite the current market conditions featuring record-high commissions and an abundance of listings, Fair Square’s demise has left many wondering what led to their downfall.

Although we can only speculate on the specific reasons, we believe that Fair Square’s inability to provide a top-tier, full-service experience to their clients ultimately contributed to their failure. While their prices were more competitive, the level of service they offered fell short of expectations, indicating that consumers still value the personalized touch of full service real estate services.

At New Era Real Estate, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of full-service real estate while simultaneously saving homeowners thousands in commission fees. Rather than adhering to archaic industry norms, we strive to blend the traditional with innovation to create a unique offering that prioritizes client satisfaction above all else.

As a service industry, real estate should always prioritize the needs of the consumer as a home is typically their largest most valuable asset. Unfortunately, the current system tends to favour the agents and industry, rather than those who are selling a home. Our flat listing fee of only $5,900 for full-service real estate managing the selling process.  Additionally, there are no lengthy contracts and no cooperating commission on the buyer side of the transaction if your home is sold to an unrepresented buyer exemplifies our commitment to putting the needs of our clients first.

Real estate lawyers are paid a fixed fee when closing a transaction, regardless of the price of the home. In the same vein, real estate agents should be compensated fairly for their work, without excessive commissions that rise alongside increasing home prices. After all, the job of a real estate agent has remained relatively unchanged over the years, if not has become easier with technological advancements. Since agents nor the industry is responsible for the price increases it is only reasonable to adjust their compensation accordingly. While Fair Square and others seem to suggest their demise is a down turning market New Era thrives as its now even more important to save while selling.

We Sell, You Save

Why We Do What We Do – Fixing a Broken Industry

New Era Real Estate – Why We Do, What We Do


We are often asked why we choose to charge a relatively low commission fee of $5,900, when the industry standard is significantly higher. The answer is simple: we believe that the process of selling a home should not be defined by exorbitant fees and profit margins. The true value of a real estate agent lies in their ability to effectively market and sell a property, not in the commission they charge.

It is important to note that the cost of selling a home has not increased significantly in proportion to the rise in property values.  The job of a real estate agent remains the same, regardless of the sale price of a property, and advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to market and expose properties to a wider audience.

We believe that our fair flat fee should be based on the value of our services, not on the sale price of a property. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and expertise, regardless of the cost of their home. We believe that this approach is not only fair, but also in the best interest of our clients.

At New Era Real Estate, we believe that the process of buying or selling a home is about more than just transactions and numbers. It is an emotional journey that has the power to shape the course of our clients’ lives. This is why we do what we do.

As real estate professionals, it is our duty to guide our clients through this journey with the utmost care and expertise. We understand that a home is more than just four walls and a roof. It is where memories are made, where dreams are realized, and where families grow.

Our company of dedicated agents strive to provide our clients with personalized service, tailored to their individual needs and goals. We work tirelessly to help our clients find the perfect home, or sell their property for the best price. We are committed to using our knowledge and skills to create positive experiences and make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

We believe that our role as real estate agents is not just to sell or buy properties, but to make meaningful connections with our clients and be a part of their life journey. We take pride in being a part of such an important and personal process and strive to make a positive impact on our clients’ lives every day.

At New Era Real Estate, we are committed to excellence in all that we do and will continue to work diligently to provide the highest level of service to our valued clients. We do what we do, because we care.

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Homeowner Saves Over $64,000 for their Dream Home

Homeowner saves over $64,000 for their dream home

Homeowner Saves over $25,000 in Commission Fees after Selling Home with New Era

Homeowner saves over $25,000 in commission fees after selling her home with local real estate brokerage in one day

This Real Estate Brokerage Offers All the Positive Aspects of the Industry without the Negative

This real estate brokerage offers all the positive aspects of the industry without the negative

New Era Real Estate offering massive savings when selling

New Era Real Estate offering massive savings when selling