How does a buyer rebate work?

When you purchase your property (signed agreement of purchase and sale) within one week of the commencement date on the buyer representation agreement, we joyfully share 50% of the commission with you, celebrating your swift and decisive action. Should your home purchase take place between 8 to 14 days, we express our appreciation by sharing 35% of the commission, recognizing the synergy between your aspirations and our dedicated service. Similarly, for purchases made between 15 to 21 days, we happily share 25% of the commission, acknowledging the effort put in by both you and your agent. And even if your search takes longer (exceeding 21 days), rest assured, we still value your commitment, and you will automatically receive a delightful $2,000 rebate, exemplifying our commitment to your satisfaction. Our fair sliding scale ensures that your agent’s hard work translates into greater rewards for you, fostering a harmonious and positive experience throughout your journey with us.