New Era Real Estate offering massive savings when selling

New Era Real Estate offering massive savings when selling

Published August 23, 2021

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With high housing prices going up and up throughout most of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, homebuyers need all the help they can get to afford their dream home – and New Era Real Estate wants to help by providing huge savings when you sell your current home.

New Era Real Estate is a full-service brokerage servicing most of Ontario, including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Orangeville, Hamilton, Niagara, Guelph, Georgetown, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Durham, and York.

What sets them apart from traditional brokerages is that instead of the standard 2.5% commission fee for selling a property, New Era only charges a simple flat fee of $5,900, and you don’t pay a cent until your property is sold. As they like to say: “We Sell, You Save.”

That means if you sell your home with New Era, you’ll save a ton of money to put towards your new dream home.

Founder John Martino says they’ve helped numerous people afford their new home this way. New Era recently sold a house in Burlington where the sellers were able to buy their dream home in Hamilton because of the money they saved.

On another occasion, New Era saved an older woman 30 thousand dollars when selling her home, which helped her with payments for the senior home she wanted.

Here’s a quick comparison showing how much you can save with New Era, based on the price of your home:


New Era’s full, high-quality service leaves nothing out. When you sell your home with New Era you get market analysis, professional photography of your property, a variety of selling strategies, home preparation, a robust marketing/advertising campaign, schedule showings and buyer qualification, negotiation, and much more. More information is available here.

New Era’s agents and brokers are all fully licensed, have years of experience, and are paired up with sellers based on the city/area they specialize in, ensuring they can provide the best service possible.

“We are not a private selling platform, we are a full-service start to finish brokerage, handling everything you expect from a traditional brokerage but with extra benefits,” Martino said.

“Sellers are not locked into contracts, no cooperating commission if sold to an unrepresented buyer, nothing paid up front, and of course our simple flat fee of only $5,900, no matter the price of the property.”

Interested in learning more and taking the first step towards that new property you’ve been eyeing? Book your free (no obligation) listing appointment with New Era by visiting, calling 416-508-9929, or emailing

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New Era Real Estate – We Sell, You Save!