New Era Real Estate, changing the industry in a major way

Selling your home is no easy feat. It can be difficult to decide on a brokerage that suits all your needs and doesn’t break the bank on their commission.

Enter New Era Real Estate. New Era is a full-service real estate firm, offering clients everything from marketing and advertising of their home to negotiating the sales price and everything in between. Their office is based in Toronto, but they cover real estate needs all across Ontario.

One thing sets New Era Real Estate apart from conventional real estate brokerages: they charge a flat fee of $5,900.

Clients also don’t have to worry about paying that fee until the sale is closed and the deal is done.

“Simply put, (we aim to) give people the service that they want at the price they want,” said John Martino, owner and broker of record at New Era Real Estate.

Martino acknowledges the benefits of listing with a private real estate company versus a traditional real estate brokerage, and says New Era Real Estate is a hybrid of both models.

By offering this unique hybrid option, New Era Real Estate gives their clients the ability to sell their homes without having to waste their profit on commission.

Private brokerages charge a lesser commission to traditional real estate companies, but don’t offer the full range of services vital to selling a home.

Meanwhile, traditional brokerages charge either 2.5 or 5 per cent commission on the sale price of a home, depending on whether the commission is split between the buyer’s and seller’s agents.

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As an example:

Home price: $800,000

Traditional real estate company (2.5 per cent commission): $20,000

New Era Real Estate commission: $5,900

Home price: $1,700,000

Traditional real estate company (2.5 per cent commission): $42,500

New Era Real Estate commission: $5,900

In addition, clients are not locked into a contract, which leaves them free to cancel their listing with New Era Real Estate at any time, with no catch and no fee.

“We think of real estate as building relationships, and not focusing on commission. We want to focus on the relationship and become your brokerage for life; that’s our goal,” Martino said.

New Era Real Estate is an anomaly in real estate, and the company prides itself on building a relationship with their clients as a main focus, rather than the dollars and cents of the deal.

“You shouldn’t have to compromise service for a fairer price,” Martino said. “We’re built for the seller, and that’s simply who we want to take care of.”

New Era Real Estate provides full-service real estate, handling everything involved with listing and selling a home, but charges only a simple flat fee. Contact us any time for your free, no-obligation listing appointment at 416-508-9929. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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