How one real estate brokerage is changing the industry

A real estate brokerage in Ontario is changing the way people approach selling and buying. New Era Real Estate has ditched commission-based sales for one simple rate that saves people thousands of dollars. They are a full-service brokerage handling all aspects of selling and everything in-between.

“We provide full-service handling everything involved with listing and selling a home but instead of charging the regular 2.5%, we take care of everything for a simple fee of only $5,900,” explains John Martino, founder of New Era Real Estate. “Better yet nothing is paid until the property is sold and the deal closes.”

If you’re looking to buy or sell, New Era Real Estate makes the process simple by “taking the focus off commission and placing it solely on client satisfaction,” Martino says. “We provide people with the service they want but more importantly at the price they want.”

Instead of charging people the usual commission fees, New Era Real Estate makes the process simple with a flat fee that’s more than reasonable for most while also placing buyers in a more favourable position when it comes to reaching that dream home price.

“Prices have skyrocketed, and so have commissions even though the job, for the most part, has stayed the same, and we want to give people the service they want at a price that’s fair,” Martino says.

For example, New Era recently helped a family save $65,000 in commission fees.

“We worked with sellers that wanted to purchase a property that was slightly out of range. We listed and sold their house, saving them $30,000 in commission, giving them the boost they needed to buy the exact home they wanted,” Martino says. “We then were able to get rid of the cooperating commission since the buyer was unrepresented, saving them an additional $35,000 in commission – they were very happy.”

Moving away from the traditional way of purchasing or selling a home can be anxiety-provoking for some, but it’s quickly becoming the best way to save money while going through the real estate process.

In addition to commission fees, some homeowners may find themselves paying extra for photography and marketing. With a flat-fee brokerage option, all of those fees go out the window. New Era Real Estate does not charge any fees until a sale is complete, and clients aren’t locked into a contract allowing people to opt-out at any time.

“By saving our clients thousands, they gain the freedom to spend that hard-earned money on something more important, maybe their next house, kids’ education or a family trip,” Martino says. “The best part is providing clients with even more financial freedom.”

New Era Real Estate is an Ontario-based company with its flagship office in Toronto. You can find more details about New Era Real Estate on the company’s website.

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